The essentials

To fight against the ambient cold weather, embellish yourself with softness and warmth.


Enjoy the change of season to bring you refinement and comfort.

Focus: the hand-knitted hats.

These hats in double thread carefully knit will get the heat of your body to store her in this wonderful hollow and insulating fiber which keeps the physical temperature. In sum a heating hat. Yes! The wool of alpaca is of such a quality as you will even risk to be hot. Its sharpness and its natural sweetness will lead to forget you that you carry her.

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Our Philosopy

The “raison d’être”  of Pach’Inti

Pach’inti was born in Bolivia fifteen years ago with the idea of developing a fair and environment friendly trade with Bolivian craftsmen as well as getting culturally richer thanks to this culture and its traditional arts.

We work together to offer you a range of garment and woolen accessories 100 % natural.
The wool of Alpaca possesses exceptional natural properties (warmth, softness, comfort, lightness, resistance, impermeability… ). Added to the elegance of his perfect hanging, it will provide you colors in the eyes.

The humain being remains at the heart of our approach so we produce our range of clothes and accessories in a traditional way without any digital machines, thanks to the eye and the agility of these precious hands.
Thanks to this process, our trade is directly profitable to the local economy as it creates a remuneration with dignity.

Pach’inti’s carbon footprint is very low, it annually represents two people’s trip to South America with their luggage.

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