The alpaca is a member of the camelid family.
It is bred freely at a height of 4000 meters in the Andes and it produces one of the most extraordinary wools in the world. Its softness is compared to cashmere.
Depending on fiber thickness, we can get various alpaca woolen qualities, the finest being both the softest and the most delicate.

Natural Properties

This wool has exceptional properties.
It is a natural insulating material. Its hollow fiber with strong insulating power stops sweating and regulates body heat. Its structure is similar to human hair.
This silky wool whose fiber can be up to 14 centimeters long on the animal is extremely resistant. It has the longest life among wool fibers and it has no smell.

Amazing colors

This noble wool shines in natural light and offers up to 22 different amazing colors of virgin wool. The alpaca is the only animal to possess such a variety of tints.
There is also a natural elasticity which gets an incomparable suppleness by wearing this textile and it gives the sensation of ease when you move.


Furthermore it is a perfect alternative for people allergic to wool because it does not contain any lanolin (allergenic substance).
Its hypoallergenic property naturally repels dust mites and other microorganisms causing asthma factors and some eczemas.
It is therefore naturally waterproof, soft, resistant and warm.

Alpaca Care

– Hand wash the textile inside out -in a cotton bag or in a pillowcase- in cold water (use neutral pH detergents such as Aleppo soap (approximately 7.5).
– In machine on a programme for delicate or fragile textiles with gentle spin (400 or 500 tours a minute).
– Lay the garment down flat and inside out in order to dry it, far from a source of heat and far from a light.
– You can gently iron it if necessary but avoid using vapour and dry cleaning.
/!\Do not use softeners because they destroy fiber.
/!\Do not use the tumble-dryer.

Main stains
Liqueurs : soft laundry detergent then delicate washing in tepid water.
Red wine : Wash in cold water then clean with limewater and water.
Grease : with some solvent
Sauces : with a soft laundry detergent in tepid water and rinse with a solvent
Ink : remove with talcum powder, clean with water and lemon then with some alcohol
Tea : wash with a soft laundry detergent in tepid water
Chocolate : wash with a soft laundry detergent then with some solvent
Coffee : wash with a soft laundry detergent in warm water and remove the stain with solvent
Make-up : solvent, then shampoo, or alcohol.